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Hi, I am Michael and I’d like to tell you about our story here at Michael Perron Imaging. Michael Perron Imaging started like most new business ventures, as one man's dream that was nurtured and has grown over the years into a team that provides an honest and impeccable service to our clients for their personalized media needs.

I started taking photographs in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the camera and it’s possibilities. In 2006 I was in my 4th year in the U.S. Army Reserve and was called to active duty and deployed to Iraq. I took my camera along and captured some images and moments that will never be forgotten by myself or my comrades, even 10 years after we returned from the battlefield(s) of Iraq in 2007.

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After my combat experiences in Iraq I decided I wanted to photograph more serene and peaceful subjects. I began to pursue photographing for small business advertisements to family events. I developed a taste for more artistic photography and worked successfully in that realm for approximately 5 years. However, as fulfilling as that was, I found my niche was capturing moments that will last forever. I want to share that fulfillment and enjoyment with my clients.

I created Michael Perron Imaging to combine the technology, expertise and artistic touch from my commercial work with the enjoyment from shooting family work. My staff and I strive to make every shoot a memorable experience for our clients. Not only do we provide instant digital results on a spacious viewing platform, we provide a flexible, trustworthy service that is personal and specifically tailored to the client's wishes and expectations.

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